We make The Deuce of Spades and MoonLight tents 2-Person MoonLight tents | TheTentLab
We make three sizes of "Two Person" tents. We could have done four sizes if we believed in making tents that squeezed the owners, but we never do that. Instead we make the UL2 and ML2 comfortable for two normal sized adults but the tents have different floor shapes, and we made the ML2+ a palace.
• The UL2 is an asymmetrical design that has a tapered foot and two sizes of vestibule. It's designed so the occupants sleep with their heads at one end. The idea behind the one bigger vestibule is that it's more square footage and about 2" taller at the tent side so it can hold gear and still have room to cook inside.
• The ML2 is symmetrical so occupants can sleep head-to-foot and the vestibules are identical (both are taller than the UL2 at the tent side).
• The ML2+ is our answer to the so-called three person tents being sold for two people who want lots of space. Floorplans don't capture just how big and roomy these tents are.

floorplans of all three 2-person MLs

UL2 photo gallery