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Who Makes the MoonLight Tents?

When asked where their tents are made, most manufacturers vaguely answer "In China" and that's about all you can get out of them – as if which tent factory they use was some deep secret (it's absolutely not, it's import data in the public record). I want you to know more than "Made in China." I want to show you the factory and the people that make the MoonLight tents. The factory is Jasper Outdoors, with offices in Hong Kong and sewing in Zhongshan. Jasper is run by Mr. Man Yee. He's the one who has made Jasper arguably the best tent factory in the world today. The quality of their sewing of ultralight fabrics is astonishing. Their expertise, can-do attitude, attention to detail, and openness to new designs is astounding. There are a handful of absolutely top notch factories that can build state of the art tents, but even in that elite group, Jasper is the star.

Man and his office staff camping in Glacier National Park, USA. These are the people who manage and direct all the magic that goes on at Jasper. And boy are they good at it.
Man camped at Glacier National Park with his staff in August 2014 medium 700px

Sewing at the factory
workers sewing 700px

As a small testament to the amazing skill of Jasper's sewers, look at our round windows: they're perfectly round, without puckers or wrinkles sewing a 10D net into an uncoated 20D ripstop hole. Just beautiful!

A Koi pond at the factory
a place in factory for nature 700px

Not just a pretty list: a number of Jasper's larger customers have regular factory inspections to verify good working conditions.
Jasper customer 700px