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Priorities are a product’s DNA

It takes hours to try to explain in words the ins and outs of how priorities and wants drive features and benefits. These infographics try to give the high points of what’s gone into the MoonLight tents. Each shows how a really high level desire (green box) immediately branches into solution categories which, in turn, branch into specific features or materials that affect the solution. It’s really dense information that, frankly, I haven’t figured out how to present in a smooth and seamless way.
I offer it here for the more philosophical tent - how to put it - for the more philosophical tent information reader.

Oh heck, now I can see I should have made “Set it and Forget It” an item under “Convenience” too. D’oh!
Hmmm. And it should obviously go under “Reliability” too. And under “Sleep” since that’s kinda the whole point of being in a tent at night. Uh-oh, can’t have everything under every heading...hmmm.

Feature infographic - camp with view
Feature infographic - convenience
Feature infographic - reliability
Feature infographic - sleep