I think the most important modification is to use the Deuce and scratch it up a bunch. When you do, the edges get nice and rounded and take on a grippy, scuffed texture. It’s way nicer than the factory finish. Burrs are easily removed simply by rubbing with a river rock. But in the spirit of offering what customers ask for, here’s a few examples of common mods.

Cord wrapping
a handle is a fairly common thing. Assuming you don’t want to use the Deuce upside down, it can make the handle pretty darned cushy. With most wraps, the top edge is still a problem. Fortunately the Deuce’s handle hole is big enough to pull off this lithe gem if you’re so inclined. Is it worth .4 ounces and roughly a half hour of messing with it? Your call.
handle wrap1 smallhandle wrap2 small

Plasti-Dip is another way to increase handle comfort. It’s actually pretty effective, again, if you don’t want to use the Deuce upside down. Three coats came to just under .1 ounce. Note that the Deuce is wider than the can opening by a fair amount so you would have to flex it hard to make it small enough to get it in further.
PlastiDip 700px


Yes, I admit that even though the Deuce is ridiculously strong and tough, it can acquire bends and buckles from overly forceful levering. How could it be otherwise? It only weighs .6 ounces FHS. Luckily it can be tweaked and squeezed back into shape very easily with a pair of pliers or a multitool. Heck, you can even exaggerate the bends in the middle of the handle – exactly what I’m trying to figure for future production. In the meantime, have at it and let me know if you come up with anything extra fun or extra cool.