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A load of Deuces by any measure
from Russ in Yosemite

from Russ in Yosemite

chillin with the deuce in denali samall

Hey Mike, I recently spent 5 days backpacking through Denali and took my Deuce of Spades with me on the adventure. It was awesome and had multiple uses! Not only was it a pro at digging in the tough Alaskan Tundra BUT it also came in handy for opening my bear bin and as an emergency stake for my tent. Due to some strong winds my tent decided to take a stroll a few hundred feet and I lost a stake for my guy line in the process. The Deuce worked great in a pinch! Thanks again for creating an awesome product! I've attached two photos taken in the back country of Denali National Park. Have a great Friday, Sonja

plumber's helper from Ben small

Hi Mike, The Deuce was the right tool for the close work on this demo and excavation job. Ultra-light but also ultra tough. Thanks, Ben

TP on a trowel handle

TP on a trowel handle

Nick with the trowel

Always have the the good sense to consult an expert...

Nick upside down deuce digging collage 1280

...they always have something interesting to show you.

Deuce prototype evolution 1280 wide

Deuce shape evolution from A to K

Deuce production1 laser cutting

Production at Arrow Sheet Metal - laser cutting

Deuce production1 nested cut

Production at Arrow Sheet Metal - nested cutting layout -

Deuce production1 stacks

Production at Arrow Sheet Metal - stacks of Deuces ready for bending

Deuce production1 ready to anodize

Production at Arrow Sheet Metal - stacks of Deuces ready for anodizing