We make The Deuce of Spades and MoonLight tents the RugRats | TheTentLab
Our tents started as a Kickstarter project: the RugRat tents. While it didn't fly on Kickstarter, real RugRat fans were eventually able to get our MoonLight 3 and MoonLight 4 tents. They are almost exactly the same tents as the RugRats and they’re a half pound lighter and about a hundred bucks less.

Click HERE for The MoonLight 3 and MoonLight 4

Here’s a photo of the RugRat3
RugRat at the vista2 600px

Here’s a photo of the MoonLight4
ML4 hero 3-4 view

The differences are:

#1 The main fabrics are still 20D polyester but they’re not made in Japan. It's now lighter and even a little stronger.

#2 The side windows are changed from 3 round windows per side (where only the little ones closed) to 2 larger half-circle windows per side that all can be zipped closed. Following that change, there are now two clear windows in each side of the rainfly to match the tent.

#3 The vestibules of the RugRats were different on the two sides: one was a 1-point vestibule and the other was a 2-point. On the MoonLights both are identical 1-point vestibules.

#4 Almost forgot: It's a small thing but kinda cool: the rainfly can now be easily pitched with just the poles - no extra hardware needed.